Developed by the two head chefs of an East Village elementary school, Little Wrinkles began as a way to decrease food waste at the end of every lunch period.  

Instead of composting leftover loose grapes from the salad bar, Jose and Stephanie tried dehydrating them.  The result was truly eye-opening.  The raisins they produced were not only significantly bigger than store bought ones but had a distinct and complex taste all of their own.   

Realizing factory-made raisins are obviously NOT made from fresh grapes (and to make things worse, usually treated with preservatives, sugars and oils to prolong shelf life), it only seemed natural to branch out to the public.

Jose has been in the culinary world 
for more than half his life, having worked in some of New York City's finest restaurants.  Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, fresh and local foods were the norm to Jose as a child.

Stephanie is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and studied Public Health at Hunter College.  A New York City native, Stephanie has made it her life's mission to refocus the public's attention from manufactured "edible foodlike substances" (in the words of Michael Pollen) to the products of mother nature. 
Visit her healthy living blog, Culinary Cosmetology

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  1. LOVE these raisins! They are awesome food! And a great treat. Especially fond of the RUM raisins. Wow!