Chocolate Covered Raisins

Little Wrinkles recently paid a visit to the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NYC) where they produce some of the highest quality chocolate around, using absolutely nothing but pure cacao beans and sugar.

Even some of the highest regarded chocolate companies today use emulsifiers, binders and preservatives to achieve a certain texture, color or shelf life- not the Mast Brothers.

A modestly sized space, everything is done on premises from roasting the beans to packaging the bars in their gorgeously designed wrappers.  The aroma alone is worth a visit.

We picked up a few baking bars (73% Cacao Dark) to test with and, not surprisingly, these have been our best chocolate covered raisins yet.  The best part is- we can say without a doubt that they have 3 single ingredients: dried grapes, cacao and sugar.  That's it!

It would defeat the point of our all natural raisins to cover them with anything but the purest chocolate.

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